Pita Pan was founded in Athens, Greece in 1993 with the objective to create a modern, innovative version of the traditional ‘souvlaki pita.’

For more than two decades, the driving force behind the Pita Pan restaurants remains its unique flavour, innovation, quality and professionalism.

These guiding principles coupled with the commitment to good food and service has lead to the international expansion of the Pita Pan brand.













The first Pita Pan store to open in Australia was perfectly located opposite the iconic Surfers Paradise beach.
What better way to enjoy a sensational fresh, new product, than to be doing so whilst enjoying the sights and sounds of the famous Gold Coast beach.

Pita Pan Australia is committed to offering an authentic souvlaki product based on the knowledge and recipes obtained from decades of experience. Through the combination of fresh, quality ingredients, a sensational team of experienced staff, and unique food products, Pita Pan provides an exceptional dining experience.